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Momentum Over Math: 45 Day Debt Elimination Challenge

Dasha Kennedy, the creator of The Broke Black Girl, created a 45-day debt elimination challenge to help women aggressively eliminate a portion of their debt in a short amount of time.

In a previous challenge, Dasha helped hundreds of women eliminate a collective $1 MILLION within 45 days using the exact methods provided here. 

Dasha focuses on momentum over math because she believes small consecutive wins build momentum to eliminate debt in its entirety versus viewing debt from a numerical perspective only. 

During this challenge, Dasha provides her own form of currency called #DashaDollars, which consists of small daily financial tasks, guides, and customized scripts for participants to cash in on their money goals, primarily debt.

What you can expect:

-  Q&A with Dasha in the free accountability group

- Call Scripts to negotiate bills

- Free Debt Calculator 

- Small actionable financial tasks

- Accountability group

- Budget templates

- Goal Setting Templates

 *This is a self-paced challenge, everything you need is in the packet, including the link to the accountability group.